a banner image that says lovely cyborg, a shrine to #18 from dragon ball

Shrine sites like this one used to gain merit (read: be popular) based on the amount of unique fan-based media they hosted: Fan-fiction, fan-art, scans and translations. These things, like the anime they were based on, used to be rare and difficult to find. Additionally, fan aggregator sites like fanfiction.net and deviantART didn't exist yet.

Now, that technology exists, and anyone can easily search to find their particular brand of fan media. So rather than try to host all the #18-specific fan content myself (which would require asking permission to host, downloading, linking, etc), this page will act as an aggregator for #18 fan-made media.


Note: If you cannot see the legend symbols (or see gibberish), please set your browser's character encoding to Unicode)

△: fan art
☆: fan fiction
◎: cosplay
▼: video/audio

Using the crtl+F (search page) command in your browser, paste the above symbols in to be taken directly where you want!


Fan Art & Cosplay

deviantART search

Warning: Some content found in these searches may not be NSFW (inappropriate). 18 is a babe after all...

pixiv.net search

Note: The Japanese site, Pixiv, requires you to be a logged-in member in order to view almost any of its content. A nice tutorial on how to do so can be found here. It is advisable that you navigate this site (and other Japanese sites) in Firefox, using the Rikaichan plugin, which lets you mouseover any Japanese word for its definition in realtime. And please, be a respectful fan and remember whose art you are taking when you save it (because there will be a lot of it!). Pixiv conveniently lets you save individual illustrations in a favorites list.

  • Search "18号" △ (Caution! Rife with NSFW stuff)
  • My pixiv profile △ (Check my faves under 「 もっと見る」 for non-scary #18 fanart)

Fan Fiction

Working on this one...

Video & Audio

  • mp3 Jinzouningen Machi E (March of the Jinzouningen): 4:37 length. This is my favorite BGM from Dragonball Z. It's soooo good and evil sounding and Vejita is getting pounded by Juuhachi to this music. It plays throughout the Cyborg/Cell saga and in the Trunks movie, too. Good stuff!
  • mp3 Perfume No. 18 ~Dangerous Fragrant Mix~: A peculiar, sultry kind of R&B song (kinda) that is enjoyable on it's own...but it has "No. 18" in it, so it makes me think this is supposed to be a song about 18 or from her point of view or something...and if that's the case, it's a weird song (considering half the words in the song are really suggestive). This song doesn't play anywhere in the series or in any movies, but you can find it on the DBZ 18 and 1/2 Special Super Remix CD. You can find the lyrics right here.