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Japanese Fan Sites

The following sites are in Japanese. This means that for most readers, there will be a language barrier. However, that does not mean that the same fandom practices, such as not stealing images and linking back to source material, do not apply simply because the language cannot be read. So please, respect the fans that made these sites. Don't steal. Link back. Credit your sources. Nice!

Dragonball Network: This is one of the best resources for finding Japanese Dragon Ball-related websites. Click off the options you want and see what comes back!

Dragon Ball Family Union: For fans of the various families in Dragon Ball. Save the sprites to your own server and link back to the Union site!

プラチナ救急箱 • Platinum First Aid Kit: These are some of the most consistently amazing, dedicated #17 & #18 cosplayers I have seen. They cosplay the twins, and other characters, frequently, and with some other really outstanding Dragon Ball cosplayers.

闘機龍球素材 • Dragon Ball War Machine Sozai: "Sozai" is the magic phrase meaning "materials". Sozai sites offer free web materials (like sprites) in exchange for a link-back. This sozai site specializes in Dragon Ball. Need I say more? Sorry, this translation is wonky and should probably say something like mechanized DB sozai, like in the spirit of a giant fighting robot...

Dragonball Completes: This site contains all sorts of hard info on the Dragon Ball series, and includes a message board. It seems like the DB reference in Japanese-language fandom.

Battling Machine: Here's another great reference, but with more of a focus on FAQs, fan theories, and other random fun stuff for Japanese-speaking fans.

English Fan Sites

Ohhh back in the golden days of Dragon Ball fandom, there were at least a half-dozen shrines to #18 alone. Now, almost all of them are gone, and it seems that out of all the hundreds of DB sites, only a few remain. Many now devote their time to discussion, and covering releases of games and Japanese news, which is ever-fresh thanks to several recent rereleases of Dragon Ball paraphernalia, and most notably an entire remake of the Dragon Ball Z series (called Dragon Ball Kai).

Daizenshuu EX
This site has been around for-evar, already well-established when I was starting to get into Dragonball Z back in 1998-99. My love for Daizenshuu is great. Their forums and podcast are top-notch. If you're new to DBZ, coming back to an old favorite, or have always been a fan, you should definitely stop by.

Temple O' Trunks
Even though he's a brat, Trunks plays an important role in the life of future #18 (a terrible one, but we won't focus on what kind of relationship here). Another fantastic DBZ shrine that's been around since I can remember. Even if you're not a fan of that lilac-haired half-saiyan, Temple O' Trunks is worth stopping by.

Three's the Charm
I suppose it's interesting to point out that the most committed and well-designed DB character shrines that remain are all dedicated to secondary characters. Three's The Charm is one for Tienshinhan, and it is dense.

A sister site to Daizenshuu EX, Kanzentai is concentrated on providing up-to-date DB news, as well as compiling a "perfect" database for English-speaking fans, providing information about all the Japanese releases you would otherwise not know about!

Femme Fatale
I personally don't know for myself, but other 18 shrines have called Femme Fatale the first on the web. It was a very good shrine, but the webmistress had called a hiatus some years ago, unsure if she should bother to return (this is why we shouldn't steal other people's pictures, my friends...). I link to her now in hopes that someday Femme Fatale may return.

18's Shrine
18's shrine is another blast from the past, one of the minute few #18 shrines left on the net. Like Femme Fatale, there haven't been any updates for years and years, but let us pay our respects.

Other Dragon Ball Sites

DBZ American Soundtrack - Android 18: The Android Sagas
Right here is the place to buy the American soundtrack CD for the Android Saga. It has all the background music created by Bruce Faulconer, as well as a very interesting song sung by Meredith McCoy Mauldin, our heroine's voice actor, from the point of #18. A little pricey for a CD, but still good stuff if you're a fan. Sample tracks available at the site.

#18 models on eBay
For those that enjoy collecting gachapon and other figures and models, there's still quite a few goods available on eBay, thanks in large part to the Dragon Ball revival that's been going on in Japan!

Little Saiyalings
One of the best pieces of DBZ fandom around. Little Saiyalings is basically a huge series of short, continuous comic strips involving all of our favorite DBZ characters. Yes, that includes our lovely Number 18. Many hilarious moments between her and the rest of the cast, especially Krillin. ♥!

Cyborg Haven
If you have a Live Journal, you can join this community dedicated to the artificial humans of Dragonball Z.

Friends and Cyborgs

This is a shrine to fellow artificial human, R. Dorothy Wayneright from The Big O, an incredible series worth your time. Run by the amazing Mara K for years now, this site is full of charming design and hand-drawn illustrations!

The mysterious domain of my gracious host, Sabina.

50 Posts About Cyborgs
September 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the coining of the word "cyborg". This blog will post 50 times within the span of the month, "celebrating 50 years of one of the 20th Century's more enduring concepts."

What's A Cyborg?
The article reminds us that the term "cyborg" was one coined in the 1960s, an era, the author argues, was one of drugs, Agent Orange, and the Space Race...

What Are We?
"The limits of humanity are a cultural object, just like any other kind of identity — humanity is a role we perform." Another excellent article for the #50Cyborgs project, discussing the origins, allure, and cultural contexts behind the notion of "cyborg".

"A long-running conversation about media, journalism, technology, cities, culture, design, books, music, movies, the future and the past", and lots of cyborg talk too!

A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway
Read, then discuss. This is the perennial essay on the nature of cyborgs and their relation to society, among a million billion other things.